Cheap motor warranties – are they worth it?

Cheap Warranty Example: You have a 6 year old car and you have a cheap warranty plan of R139p/m and it’s transmission & gearbox schedule covers only R5000.  Your car suffers a complete transmission failure and the repairs/replacement costs come to over R30,000, then you will have to pay the difference of R25,000.  You might have been paying for this cover for over a year, which means that you have contributed R1668 on payments and have really only benefited by R3,332 on a R30,000 claim.  At this point, you are R26,668 out of pocket on this claim.

Titanium Warranty Example: Now consider another scenario for your 6 year old car, where you spend R509p/m on an extended warranty plan which covers your gearbox for R35,000.  Your car suffers a complete transmission failure and the repairs/replacement costs come to over R30,000, and you are completely covered. You have nothing to pay.  *You have however been contributing R509 p/m for a year and have therefore spent R6108 on payments to date. You are therefore R6108 out of pocket on this claim.

Which position would you rather be in?

Thinking that you are covered when in reality you are totally under insured?  Or being adequately insured with an aftermarket warranty that will actually be beneficial?

Good News!  We have several excellent price plans available: Titanium Extended Warranty that costs R509 p/m and offers probably the best cover on any monthly aftermarket plan in South Africa. We also have the Platinum at R386, Gold at R326 and Silver at R246 p/m – all of which offer varying amounts of excellent cover.

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    *Disclaimer.  This is based on an actual Warranty Extender Titanium plan and the cheaper warranty plans available are for your own discovery as we would not waste your time selling junk policies.