Buy the Hollard Motor Extender

Mechanical breakdowns – no one likes them – and they seem to pop up when you least expected. They just don’t seem to go away. Luckily, some clever people at Hollard have you covered! The Hollard motor extender is a special insurance policy for your car’s dents, bumps, and parts’ malfunction. In other words, if your vehicle parts break down, the Hollard extended car warranty kicks in.

The costs of fixing or even replacing any major part of your motor vehicle are unforeseen, and can run into hundreds, if not thousands of rands. An extended car warranty like the Hollard motor extender takes care of the costs, and the only thing you have to worry about are the other important things in your life. Vehicle warranties are something that many people bypass, and consider any malfunctioning of parts as they come and go. Simply put, most car owners in South Africa usually cough up the lump sum to fix whatever is damaged as the problem comes. This is bad financial advice, unless you’re rolling in cash, and have no budget constraints like most of us. Hollard Warranty has organized its car warranty offering to have four levels. These options cater to the different needs of anyone who wants to buy an extended car warranty in the following ways –

The basic Move option

The main benefits of this option (which are standard with the three other options available in the Hollard Motor Xtender) are a warranty for your engine (up to R12,000), R8,500 for your transmission system, and R3,000 for your drive shafts. This option does not cover many of the components covered by the other options.

Drive option

The Drive option is different from the Move option because with it, many other benefits of the warranty plan open up. You get R3,000 on your warranty for the steering mechanism, braking system, wheel bearings, fuel system, heater, air conditioning and cooling system, electrical components, and electronic ignition. While your warranty buys you R8,500 to fix your front wheel drive (FWD).

Cruise and Maxi options

The Cruise and Maxi are options available in the Hollard motor warranty which make available all the benefits available to you. While the Drive option offers possibly the best warranty, the Cruise and Maxi are for more expensive cars. These two options, where the warranties can be R30,000 for fixing or replacing your engine, are best suited for pricier motor vehicles. Think about it: sure you might have the Move warranty, but the pay out might not be enough to get your parts fixed, and the shortfall will have to be covered by you. The point of having a car warranty is to avoid all of that.

With our form, you can get the Hollard Motor Xtender warranty online. It’s simple and convenient. Everyone wants 24/7 roadside assistance, car hire benefits, and the host of great things this car warranty offers.

A quick summery of some of the major components covered under this extended car warranty are as follows (note that these are all excluded from the Move option, but are all included in the other options)

  • Differential
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Cooling System
  • Flywheel
  • Braking System
  • Steering Mechanism
  • Front Wheel Drive


To qualify for the Hollard car warranty, you must be driving a passenger car (small city car, station wagon or SUV). The vehicle should be less than 10 years old and have been driven for less than 200,000 kilometres, and not be used for commercial purposes.

Hollard Warranty Contact Details

To get a quote from Hollard about their warranty products, they can be contacted on the details below:
0861 010 203