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You’d be surprised at how very few people know about extended warranties for their cars. It’s not that surprising however, because more often than not we are under the belief that our car insurance policies will cover us for the wear and tear of the vehicles we drive. The MFC Extended Warranty is one of the best solutions out there for when that dreadful day your car’s engine, sound system, or other mechanical and electronic parts break down.

MFC Warranty

MFC or the Motor Finance Corporation was bought out by Nedbank a few years ago, and since then the company’s products have been expanded, and integrated into Nedbank’s (which has many banking services). MFC is credible, and its extended car warranty offers deliver on its promises.



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    If the factory warranty is about to expire, that’s when you need an MFC warranty. There are a few options available for you. The first is the standard MFC Extended Warranty, which covers you when the car manufacturer’s warranty expires. Furthermore, this car warranty will operate for the next 2 years or 250,000 km you are driving the vehicle.

    For used cars, the warranty will be operational for major electronic and mechanical failures (with the requirement that you regularly service your motor vehicles at the specified intervals). Failure to do this could result in you being personally liable should you want to claim on your warranty contract, hence, you should read the fine print very carefully.

    Owing to the fact that dents, scratches and other body damages often occur on your car, MFC has introduced a special car warranty which you can apply for to sort out all your auto body damages. This is great because it alleviates you from using your own money, or even claiming on your car insurance policy and maybe forfeiting your no-claims bonus therefore.

    MFC also has a specific warranty for damage to your tyres and rims. With each claim you make, you get a R10,000 limit, and up to R40,000 over the 24 months duration of your warranty.

    To get an extended car warranty online quote, just fill in the form above. For more information about MFC car warranties, their contact details are below.

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