SA Warranties Policy for Your Car

SA Warranties (PTY) LTD is one of the leading motor vehicle warranty providers in South Africa. And being among the biggest requires some stealth, and a mix of great products. Through its partnerships with many of South Africa’s car dealers, SA Warranties offers its products and services right where you need them; just as you need to buy your car.

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SA Warranties Contact Details
Tel: 0860 927 726

As a side note, please be advised that SA Warranties (the company) offers extended car warranties in South Africa for new and used cars only, but if you are an outdoor kind of person, with a boat or motor bike for example, SA Warranties has a host of tailor-made, comprehensive warranty solutions for you.

The company has crafted a superb extended car warranty service, where both your mechanical and electronic breakdowns are covered. 38 components – that’s the outstanding diversity of your car’s parts that South Africa’s finest car warranty provider covers. This ranges from your engine, electric windows, sound system, dents on the body, tyres, and many other parts.

SA Warranties is a member of Imperial Holdings, one of South Africa’s largest diversified companies. As such, SA Warranties’ doors are open to Imperial’s many new and used cars dealerships and other companies to which it can extend its motor warranties. These include the big car makers: Nissan, Hyundai/Kia, Toyota, and many others. Also, some of the big banks are SA Warranties’ partners, meaning you could purchase an extended car warranty policy as part of your car finance. That’s brilliant because you’d be basically shooting two birds with one stone.

As a holder of a car warranty policy, you mitigate the need to claim on your motor vehicle insurance policy when minor dents on the body of your car occur for example. And let’s say you need a windscreen replacement because some unexpected cricket ball hit your windscreen, SA Warranties will make the necessary payments within the limits of your policy, while you remain claim free on your main car insurance policy. Yes, you might be paying a little extra for a motor warranty, but that’s the better choice than just depending on your insurer, which could work against you and disqualify you from its insurance benefits because of your claims for breakdowns. This is just one example of how a car warranty can help you.