Hyundai’s Extended Warranty the Ultimate in Maintenance and Service

Fewer gestures give you more confidence when buying a new or used Hyundai than its standard 5 year / 150 000km warranty. It’s a bit like saying – “we believe in our product and so should you” and as most Hyundai owners will attest, it’s mostly hassle free motoring with Hyundai. The growing popularity of the Hyundai brand, especially in the smaller car segment with its Atos, i10 and i20 variants (which replaced the trusty Getz) have seen the almost meteoric rise of Hyundai as a brand that can be relied on. Whilst the Korean manufacturer can often be seen as being “vanilla” (a great flavour actually) – it may be the Toyota quality you can rely on at a more affordable price. Just ask any Atos or Getz owner – a solid little car that has been providing great service for more than a decade.

Goodbye Hyundai Atos, hello Grand i10 Extended Warranty!

As of 2023, the fantastic little Hyundai Atos is no longer for sale in South Africa, and it’s capable little successor the Grand i10 takes up the reins as the smallest budget car on the Hyundai Stable.  Grab a bargain and don’t hesitate to purchase the fine little Atos, knowing that:
A) The Hyundai Atos is a quality car – just buy one.
B) You can purchase an extended warranty for the Atos right here.

The Hyundai Creta caters for all driving styles.

The Hyundai Creta stands as a formidable player in the compact SUV segment, boasting a blend of style, comfort, and performance. With its sleek design cues and bold stance, it catches the eye effortlessly. Under the hood, it offers a range of powerful yet fuel-efficient engine options, catering to diverse driving preferences. Inside, the cabin exudes sophistication with premium materials and advanced technology features, ensuring a comfortable and connected driving experience. Its agile handling and smooth ride make city commutes and highway journeys equally enjoyable. Overall, the Hyundai Creta continues to impress as a versatile and compelling choice in its classs.

But, all good things come to an end, and that means that sooner or later your 5 year/150 000km Hyundai warranty will expire and you will be left without a warranty plan to fall back on. Or you could get an extended warranty for your Hyundai and keep your favourite Atos, i10, i20, Tuscon, iX35 or Sante-Fe going strong from Warranty Extender.

As of the 1 February 2016 – Hyundai has upper the standard again and is now offering 7 year/200 000km manufacturer warranty on the majority of it’s vehicles (see website for exact details), provided the vehicle is serviced and maintained at an Authorised Hyundai Service Centre. That really is an incredible testament to the kind of quality vehicle you can expect. Well done Hyundai!

Remember, that you can keep your older Hyundai in good order with the Warranty Extender product available over here. So if you have a 2010-2020 Hyundai that needs an aftermarket service plan or warranty, Warranty Extender has a plan for you!

Hyundai Venue is the best selling subcompact SUV

The Hyundai Venue emerges as a standout contender in the subcompact SUV realm, embodying a perfect fusion of style, versatility, and technology. Its compact yet bold design commands attention on the road, while its efficient engines deliver commendable performance and fuel economy. Inside, the Venue offers a modern and comfortable cabin equipped with an array of advanced features, including a user-friendly infotainment system and numerous safety technologies. Maneuverability is effortless, making urban driving a breeze, while its capable suspension ensures a smooth ride on various road surfaces. In essence, the Hyundai Venue excels as a practical and appealing choice for urban adventurers