VW Warranty and Service Plans for your Polo, Golf, Up

VW Aftermarket Service Plans

Whatever model Volkswagen UP, Caddy, Amarok, Touran or GTi you drive, with a good extended VW warranty you can keep your VolksWagen going for many years. In fact, if you purchased any VW Golf, Caddy or Jetta and it has done less than 200,000km and is less than 15 years old you can take out an aftermarket warranty from Warranty Extender to keep it running well for years to come.

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The good news is that if you own a Volkswagen that is out of plan – then you can apply for a VW service plan below.

VW aftermarket warranty plans

The Last of VW Jetta 6

If you didn’t own one, someone, somewhere in your life most likely did. I’m talking about a VW Jetta which has sadly been pulled from Volkswagen lineup of cars in South Africa. It was pretty much a VW Golf with a boot and offered additional storage space and stiffness to tame hot hatch range. It was however, altogether more sedate and very often found to be the average family car with that easy driving Golf predictability.

In March 2019 the last remaining VW Jetta 6 was sold in South Africa and with that the Jetta model is no more. The newer Jetta 7 will not be scheduled for release here as Volkswagen global will not be making Jetta’s in right hand drive variants. A bit sad really, but it’s not the end of the world. Remember, it was only 10 years ago (2009) when the last VW City Golf rolled off the production line! City Golf fans the country over thought that the sun would never shine again – and then enter the VW UP! The VW Polo Vivo Sedan was another casualty in the VW stable – but this was announced in 2018 so it’s hardly news.