Why you need a MotorHappy maintenance plan

There’s nothing worse than taking your car in for a service and receiving a call from the service department telling you there’s a part that needs replacing and it’s going to be expensive. And more often the part is small and leaves you questioning how it can be so expensive.


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    That’s why it’s always good to have a maintenance plan, especially from Motor Happy because you’ll have the following covered:

    Wear and Tear parts

    • Rear brake discs or drums
    • Rear wheel cylinders
    • Clutch and clutch cables
    • Front and rear shock absorbers
    • Fuses and globes
    • Starter motor
    • Turbo assembly
    • Wheel bearings
    • Fuel system
    • Water pump
    • Steering components
    • Factory fitted door locks, boot locks and electronic ignitions
    • Air conditioner

    Service Plan Elements

    • Aletrnator
    • Oil filter
    • Engine oil
    • Sump plug gasket
    • Air filter
    • Fuel filter
    • Spark plugs
    • Pollen filter
    • Coolant
    • Workshop consumables

    How is a maintenance plan different from a service plan?

    A service plan covers the basic aspects of the manufacturer’s recommended service of your car for a specific term or kilometres travelled. A maintenance plan covers everything a service plan covers, including the relpacement/repair of specific wear and tear items. You can’t purchase a maintenance plan and a service plan together.

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