MotorMend Warranty in South Africa

The MotorMend warranty products are extended car warranties for South African individuals who seeks protection against unforeseen breakdowns of their motor vehicle’s mechanical and/or electronic parts. MotorMend calls their service an auto aid, but it’s simply quality warranty for used and new cars.

The MotorMend warranty policy covers different components of your car. These will be listed in your policy form, and that form is the basis on which you can make future claims. The extended car warranty comes in two options. The first is for new cars, and the second is for an extended warranty for used cars. The age of your vehicle will determine on which category it is to be classified, and from there, MotorMend can provide you with the right option.



NOTE: Your personal information is confidential, and we will never rent or resell it to anyone. It will only be used to call you back and then provide you with a motor warranty solution.

    Cars that are 1 to 5 years are considered new, and must have the manufacturer’s warranty or some kind of maintenance plan. The MotorMend warranty will take effect from the first day after your manufacturer’s warranty or other plan ceases. This extended car warranty will ensure that you remain with warranty cover for your car for the next two years, or until your car reads 250,000 kilometres on its odometer.

    Extended warranty for second-hand cars is the second option, where your vehicle must be be pre-owned, and have less than 180,000 kilometres recorded on its odometer. And since the used car may not have a manufacturer’s warranty, the MotorMend warranty commences from the day the policy is bought. Unlike the first option, where your warranty expires after 2 years or 250,000 km (whichever one comes first), the policy for used cars carries on indefinitely.

    With both these options, your car must meet other requirements besides its age and mileage. The vehicle you want to buy an extended warranty for must be a small passenger car, a 4×4/bakkie, and light commercial vehicles. With both options, the car must not be used for commercial use. These exclusions mean taxis or rental cars. However, these two criteria are not the only ones that may disallow you to qualify for a policy. The MotorMend warranty does not cover exotic cars, cars that have been rebuild or Code 3 vehicles, or vehicles used for motoring sports.

    MotorMend’s auto aid is one of the most advanced car warranty options in South Africa. We say this because unlike many others, the warranty covers bakkies too, as long as they’re not conducting transportation of goods.

    Some of the components covered by the auto aid include your car’s entertainment system, central locking, engine, differentials, casings, air conditioning, etc.

    MotorMend Advanced Motor Drive Warranty is administered by Innovation Group and underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company.

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