A MotorHappy service plan will keep you smiling

Having a car that runs smoothly and the costs involved in servicing it are probably your biggest worries when it comes to owning a vehicle. No one likes receiving that piece of paper with the list of items that were replaced and seeing the total cost that you now have to pay to keep your car running like a charm.
That’s why having a service plan from Motor Happy will give you that sigh of relief when you get your car back from its service.


NOTE: Your personal information is confidential, and we will never rent or resell it to anyone. It will only be used to call you back and then provide you with a motor warranty solution.

    What’s covered

    A service plan is there to cover the cost of the service and the basics that need replacing. These are standard things such as oil filters and spark plugs. You’ll find a list of the items you won’t have to pay for below.

    • Oil filter
    • Spark plugs
    • Air filter
    • Cambelt (only included in selected plans)
    • Fuel Filter
    • Brake pads (only available with the purchase of a Service Plan Plus)
    • Lubricants

    Will I be able to get a service plan?

    You’ll be eligible for a Motor Happy Service Plan if your car meets the following criteria at the beginning of the plan’s start date:

    • Your car has travelled less than 250 000km.
    • Your car is less than 10 years old since it was first registered.

    What else do I need to know about the service plan?

    • The service plan starts on the date stated in the summary of your service plan.
    • If you pay cash upfront, you’ll be able to take your car in for a service 20 business days after the payment has been made. If you choose to pay on a monthly debit order you’ll have to wait 4 consecutive months before you can get your car serviced.
    • You’ll have access to Roadside Assistance from the start of the Service Plan.
    • If one of the following happens, your service plan will automatically come to an end:
      1. Your car is involved in an accident that renders it a writeoff
      2. You reach the term/kilometres specified in your plan’s summary
      3. You fail to service your car for 2 consecutive times within the intervals specified by your car’s manufacturer
    • In the event that you want or need to sell your car, you can transfer the Service Plan to the new owner if you’ve fully paid for it and there are no oustanding amounts. However, you will need to notify Motor Happy within 15 days of selling the car otherwise you waive the right to cancel your Service Plan and Motor Happy will assume the Service Plan will be transferred to the new owner.
    • Your service claim can be rejected if you are in breach of contract by failing to do the following:
      1. Failing to service your car at the intervals set out by the vehicle manufacturer
      2. Failing to care for your car as set out in the vehicle’s instruction manual relating to use, care and maintenance

    Motor Happy is an authorised financial services provider – FSP 46123.