Bidvest has a great range of motor warranty products for South Africans

Bidvest Financial Services and Bidvest Insurance operate and underwrite, respectively, the Bidvest Motor Warranty. With a host of other value-added products relating to your car, this makes Bidvest the ideal partner to insure the warranty of your mechanical and electrical car parts. Here is more about the Bidvest Motor Warranty and how to compare it against other extended car warranties on

What Makes the Bidvest Car Warranty So Good?

There are a couple of reasons why the extended car warranty option from Bidvest is one of the best motor warranties in the market. For one, it is a product that has the backing of the larger Bidvest Group, which is one of South Africa’s biggest companies. The one thing that should stand out from that statement is quality of the warranty, and accountability of the provider, i.e. Bidvest.

More importantly, you must know the following about the Bidvest car warranty:

  • You can get a warranty even if your car is still under its original warranty
  • You can get a warranty for your used car
  • The warranty is available for taxis as well
  • Standard 24/7 roadside and medical assistance which include vehicle recovery and storage, towing, a courtesy car, car rental, flat tyre exchange, free transportation between hospitals, medical advice, and more

Bidvest Motor Warranty Policy Details

There are 7 main options of car warranties to choose from at Bidvest. They are the following:

  • Warranty for new and used cars still under warranty and can be covered for an additional 2 years with unlimited kilometres
  • While the Plan Plus covers you for an additional 2 years and unlimited kilometres even if you still have your original maintenance and service plans are operational
  • The Maxi options offers you the warranty for used cars that are no more than 5 years old or have no more than 120-000 kilometres covered
  • With the Luxi option, you can extend your car warranty for vehicles up to 8 years old or 160-000 kilometres on the clock
  • Econo option offers a car warranty for motor vehicles that are over 8 years old
  • Taxi option has a warranty for cars used as taxis and cover you for an additional 2 years or 80-000 kilometres

It’s easy to get a motor warranty from Bidvest, just fill in the form above, and you will be contacted by a friendly and qualified person to complete your application or find out more information about the warranty.

This is one of the most competitive and well-priced after-market warranties out there, so you have nothing to lose but have so much more to gain.

Find out more about Bidvest on their contact details below.

Bidvest Car Warranty Contact Details