Extended warranty for Nissan bakkies

Nissan has long since been the small bakkie market leader with it’s NP200, because there are no other half-ton bakkie available in South Africa anymore! It’s the only right-hand-drive half-ton bakkie available because it’s actually still made in South Africa. The last time the Nissan NP200 half ton bakkie had a competitor was 2017 when the last of the Chevy Utility bakkies (a re-badged Opel Corsa Utility) were sold – because Chevrolet pulled out of the country for good. 

Thankfully it’s not all gloom and doom as you can still buy an aftermarket warranty for your Nissan NP200 bakkie and an extended warranty for the Chevy Utility, or any of the half ton bakkies as it’s less than 10 years old.

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Nissans Bigger NP300 Hardbody One Ton Bakkie

We’ve had the hard working NP300 Hardbody in South Africa for well over 15 years but as of November 2021, it was retired and replaced with the all new Nissan Navara, but a much lower spec version (and nowhere near the spec of the Mercedes X Class bakkie).  Just incase you’re living under a cactus, Mercedes launched a bakkie in 2018 and it was built on the Nissan Navara platform.  It was highly criticized for being a rebadged Navara with Mercedes interfaces, and poor sales resulted in it being discontinued in 2020.


So we say “farewell” to the NP300 bakkie and thank you for the good service!  You can keep driving your NP200 and  NP300 Hardbody for many years to come with a motor warranty plan from Warranty Extender by leaving your details below.

Commercial Trucks and Bakkies Warranty

For commercial bakkies and trucks, we have an extended warranty that is paid upfront as a cash deal and offers the highest level of cover that you can get. Our bakkie and commercial vehicle warranty is therefore not available as a monthly plan. Please inquire here for more details.

The difference between a Motor Car Warranty and a Guarantee

What’s the difference between a warranty vs guarantee? This question has probably been answered a few times, but it’s quite important to understand the definition in terms of a used car.

A Guarantee is a promise that is provided, mostly when you buy consumer goods, that the product will live up to it’s expectations or you can ask for a replacement or your money back. In the case of a used motor car, it’s obviously impossible to offer a guarantee, as a car has too many wear and tear items for this to be reasonable.

A Warranty is more like an insurance policy, where specific parts of a car can be insured (under warranty )at a set cost. If that part of the car fails, the extended car warranty usually covers the repair or replacement of that part, all depending on the allocated warranty budget. The major components of the car are usually allocated the highest share of the warranty budget.

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It’s also important to note that certain items are not covered by a warranty as they are considered “wear and tear” or service items. Parts such as brakes and brake pads, wiper blades and belts. These are service items that need to be inspected and replaced as part of a cars service plan.


NOTE: Your personal information is confidential, and we will never rent or resell it to anyone. It will only be used to call you back and then provide you with a motor warranty solution.