Chrysler Aftermarket Warranty available as automaker exits South Africa

It’s been an interesting year for automotive brands in South Africa, where we have seen a few major players announcing that they will be leaving the country for good. Chevrolet announced this earlier in June 2017 and now Chrysler and Dodge have followed suit, albeit it for very different reasons.

Chrysler has been scaling back it’s available models since 2014 and had only kept the best selling models, the Chrysler 300c and the Chrysler Grand voyager. Earlier models such and the PT Cruiser, Neon and the Crossfire were either discontinued or removed from local sales floors. Dodge and Chrysler have decide to stop producing cars in right hand drive layouts for the export market and this means that Dodge and Chrysler South Africa will be no more.

Both the 300C and the Grand Voyager remain brilliant cars, and if you drive one you know why.

Chrysler 300C

I bet you all recall the first time you saw a Chrysler 300C – the car had lines that were pure gangster and oozed Bentley class. And its class was not merely skin deep – it had some of the finest German engineering DNA you can find. Much of the engineering on the earlier 300c were from the Mercedes E-Class – suspension, steering system, transmission and much of the wiring loom. There are many other Mercedes parts and technologies that made it’s way into the Chrysler 300C and as such, it was and remains a luxury car with excellent handling and smooth power output.

Chrysler Grand Voyager

If you needed to transport your family but wanted to avoid driving a taxi – then the Chrysler Grand Voyager was hard to beat. It offered excellent comfort with seating for up to 7 adults (in luxury) including ample space for your luggage – and space is where it was grand indeed. Chrysler spent a jaw dropping U$221 million (US dollars) on making the Stow ‘n Go seating configuration that makes the Grand Voyager so useful.

The seats can be folded flat into the floor or rolled forward without the need to remove the headrests. There are also two large storage bins under the floor when the seats are in the upright position, making space the highlight of this car. The diesel version is also powered by a 2.8L VM Motori motor – the same manufacturer that currently provides Jeep with it’s power plants. If you needed to move your whole family with space for surfboards, fisihng rods and golf clubs, then this was without a doubt the best car for the job.

Good News

You’ve got options, and they’re not bad ones either! Warranty Extender will continue to offer both warranties and service plans for the Chrysler Grand Voyager and aftermarket warranties and motor plans for the Chrysler 300. You don’t need to panic and retire these awesome cars prematurely or jump to sell them at a giveaway price. Relax – Warranty Extender will look after your motoring peace of mind for years to come.

More Good News about used Chrysler 300c or Grand Voyager warranties and service plan

If you happen to come across a good condition used Chrysler 300c or Grand Voyager, that is younger than 15 years and not done 250,00k, then rest assured you will be able to get an affordable service plan and a warranty for it. Buy with confidence!